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How do I source people directly from websites like LinkedIn, GitHub, Dribbble and Behance?
How do I source people directly from websites like LinkedIn, GitHub, Dribbble and Behance?
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You (and your colleagues) can install Homerun's Talent Clipper: a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that enables you to add talent directly from LinkedIn, GitHub, Dribbble & Behance, without having to pull up your Homerun account.

Adding and using the Talent Clipper

  1. Visit the Chrome store or Firefox store and add the Talent Clipper to your browser

  2. Visit someone's profile on LinkedIn, GitHub, Dribbble or Behance

  3. Hit the Homerun logo, displayed either next to someone's name or in your taskbar

  4. Choose if you want this person to be added the talent pool or directly to a job opening

  5. Click Save.

The profile is now saved in Homerun and marked with a 'Sourced' label. Woop!

Sourcing and GDPR
โ€‹GDPR Article 14 explains in detail what information your organization should provide to sourced candidates.

We suggest that your company creates an email template containing the information explained below to contact candidates within a reasonable time, but at the latest within a month after adding them to Homerun. This way you can ensure that you have the right process in place. If a candidate asks to be deleted you should remove all the information you gathered about him or her from Homerun.

  • The name and contact details of your organization

  • The source from which the data was obtained and whether it came from a public source

  • The purposes for which the data is intended

  • A link to your privacy statement for recruitment

  • How long your organization intends to store the candidate data

  • How candidates can withdraw their consent to the processing of their personal data

  • How candidates can request corrections or access to their data, or ask for it to be deleted from your system

  • Who candidates should contact should they want to lodge a complaint regarding the processing of their personal data (this could be your Data Protection Officer in case your company is required to have one (Article 37 GDPR)

Note: If you are experiencing problems with this feature, it has probably to do with your privacy settings or the use of an ad blocker in your browser.

Would you like to clip talent from another social platform?
We'd be happy to add them for you, just send us a message.

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