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How do I add a Twitter feed?
How do I add a Twitter feed?
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Show applicants what your company is tweeting about so they can find out what drives your company.

Adding a Twitter feed

  1. After clicking the Plus icon, hit the Twitter Job Block

  2. Enter a Twitter URL. This could be anything, like a tweet or a profile. Sadly, we don’t support the hashtag (yet)

  3. Choose a display option. We don’t support the ‘Twitter Buttons’ (yet). However, there’s still the option to go for the ‘Embedded Timeline’ or the ‘Embedded grid’

  4. Click Copy code. The code will start with ‘<a class=...’ and end with ‘</script>’

  5. Go back to the Homerun Live Editor. and paste the code in the field and click Add

  6. The Twitter feed appears

  7. Hover over the block to view the Options menu

  8. Click Content to enable (or disable) the block title. Update the embed code, if needed

  9. Click Appearance to add a background color or image, or to change the padding

  10. Move, duplicate or remove the entire Job Block in the settings (last icon) of the options

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