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How do I add an Instagram feed?
How do I add an Instagram feed?
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Do you have a public Instagram account? Add a live feed of Instagram photos to your career page and job openings. It's an easy and personal way to share your company culture!

Adding an Instagram feed

  1. After clicking the Plus icon, click the Instagram Job Block

  2. Click Connect with Instagram

  3. A pop-up appears. Log into Instagram (if you haven't already) and click Authorize

  4. Your feed will be loaded. It'll always show the most recent photos from your Instagram account

  5. Change the default title (‘Daily culture’) by clicking the text. Or hover over the Job Block to view the options, and click Content to switch off the title

  6. Click Appearance to add a background color or image, or to change the padding

  7. Move, duplicate or remove the entire Job Block in the settings (last icon) of the options

Note: the "token" Instagram creates to show your feed on your career page or job posts can expire unexpectedly, meaning your pictures won't show correctly. Check your career page and job posts regularly to reconnect your Instagram account.

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