Our flexible plan starts at €19,- per month, which includes:

  • a career page

  • 1 active job opening with an apply form

  • access to talent pool.

Each additional job opening costs an extra €19,- per month. For example, two active jobs is €38 p/m and ten active jobs is €190 p/m. There's no contract and you can pause or cancel your account at any time.

What are the accepted methods of payment?

Credit card

This is the flexible plan, where you will be billed for the number of active jobs, on a monthly basis. We recommend this plan if you have around 1 - 6 active jobs per month. You can add a credit card on the Billing page, or click here to read how to do that.

Invoice (pack)

This is a fixed plan that is paid upfront by invoice, so no surprises, a fixed fee and a fixed number of active jobs per month. Plus, there's a 20% discount if you choose a 12-month plan. You only need to choose the number of job slots you need. We recommend this plan if you have around 10 or more active jobs per month. If you're interested in this, please send us a message.


When will I start paying for Homerun and when will I be charged?
The billing period starts on the day you add your credit card, or when the free trial ends. You will receive your first invoice a month later.

When do I pay for an active job opening?
You only pay for active job openings that were open for 24 hours or longer. Also, jobs that are opened in the last 7 days of your billing period, won't be charged in the current period, but in the next one. Jobs that were closed in the first 7 days of your billing period, also won't be charged, because you already paid for these in the previous period(s).

What’s an active job opening?
An active job opening is only active after you publish it and ends when you decide to close it.

Notice that there are 3 job states:



Active job: An active job opening is a published job post, and it’s either public or private, or the applications are paused.

€19,00 per month

Closed job: A closed job post means you’re fully finished hiring and don’t want to receive new or communicate with applicants


Draft job: A draft job post is not published and open to the public yet.


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