What is Homerun?

Homerun is an online tool that brings hiring together.

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What's Homerun?

Homerun is an online tool that brings hiring together.

Homerun's best for

  • Companies with 0-10 employees and founders doing the hiring.

  • Companies with 10-50 employees and operations doing the hiring.

  • Companies with up to 250 employees without a dedicated recruiter.

Homerun helps…

  • You stay on top of the process. Having everything in one place provides great overview of your hiring process. Never misplace files or lose track of candidates again.

  • Your whole team pitch in. By making it easy for team members to jump in find info and perform tasks they are happy to join the hiring process and take the time and effort to thoughtfully hire.

  • You treat candidates like customers. Your hiring process is a reflection of your company. By providing a fun, personal, and authentic candidate experience you’ll get more and better people who apply to your open roles.

With Homerun you'll have…

  • A clear overview Designing and publishing career page and jobs, structured applications, organized candidate info, and centralized candidate communication.

  • Better team collaboration Hiring teams per job opening, being able to rate candidates and chat with your team about candidates.

  • A better candidate experience A beautiful branded career page and job posts, an engaging apply form experience, and good candidate communication that doesn’t leave them in the dark.

Our products

  • HIRE - A simple hiring workflow for your team Everything neatly organised in one place, so anyone can jump in with @mentions, notes and a review inbox for candidate rating. Read more

  • CREATE: An experience candidates simply love Homerun's intuitive Live Editor enables you to create a personal and rich career page, beautiful job posts and customised apply forms. Read more

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