3. Edit confirmation mail, languages and templates

Change the default language

Your career site and job openings are officially supported in 14 different languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Latvian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish or Turkish. We’d be happy to add your language if you miss yours. The Homerun interface language is English-only.

Here's how you can adjust your language:

  1. Go to Settings (upper right corner)
  2. Click Company details
  3. Click 'Language' in the menu left 
  4. Choose the default language of your choice
  5. Enable multiple languages by switching the toggle.
  6. If you choose Dutch as your default language, for example, the standard copy like ‘apply now’ and ‘previous/next’ (for newly created job openings) will change to Dutch. Also, specific copy on your career site (job types like ‘part time’ and ‘full time’) will change to your default language.


Edit the confirmation email

All applicants receive an automated confirmation email. You can adjust this email via 'Settings' > 'Company Settings' and then choose 'Email templates' in the menu left. You can edit the confirmation email per language, by clicking on the language and choosing another language from the drop-down menu.  

In you confirmation email, you can use different placeholders like [first_name] and [job_title]. Read more about placeholders.  

Create and add email templates

  1. Go to Settings (upper right corner)
  2. Click 'Company details' 
  3. Click 'Email templates' > 'Add new template' to create a new email template. 

You can name each template and create different messages. Click on the 'Save Changes' button to save your work :) 


Edit email signature

  1. Go to Settings (upper right corner)
  2. Click 'My profile'
  3. Scroll to 'Email signature'
  4. Add your personal signature and click 'Save changes'



  1. Create your first job opening
  2. Set up your career site
  3. Edit confirmation mail, languages and templates
  4. Invite your team
  5. Connect Homerun to your company website
  6. Inspiring companies using Homerun

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