What’s Homerun?

Basically, Homerun is recruitment software for modern teams. It will replace your traditional workflow - receiving applications via (forwarded) emails - with a modern, online workflow that enables you to receive richer applications, review faster and together with your team. This video will show you in 1 minute and 42 seconds: 


With Homerun, your company has the freedom to create a dedicated, custom career site and fully branded, personalised job openings. Either keep job openings traditional or upgrade them a little by adding personalised building blocks. You’re also in control of what kind of information you receive from applicants. Either keep it to basic info or add questions or an assignment to receive authentic, personal applications.



No more e-mail. You're joining a full force hiring tool where you can review applicants online, together, fast and effective. Easily assemble hiring teams for every job opening so your colleagues can help review applications. Leave notes, rate with stars and communicate with applicants right inside Homerun, saving you time..and probably a headache too.


Invited to Homerun?

Great! A colleague probably invited you to help review applications. Keep reading:

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