Why is my job opening not visible on the career site?

Did you add a job opening and it’s not visible on your career site? The career site only contains job openings that are published and open to public. Use these checkpoints to find out why your job opening is not visible:

  • Is your job opening published? Or is it still listed under ‘Drafts’ on your dashboard? You can publish your job opening by clicking ‘Edit’. Then choose ‘Continue’ and click ‘Publish job’.
  • Is your job opening open to public? Or is it labeled with ‘PRIVATE’ on your dashboard? Make it open to public by clicking 'Settings' and select ‘Public’ as Visibility. Click ‘Save’.
  • Is your job opening active? Or is it closed? You can find the closed job openings by clicking ‘View closed jobs’ on your dashboard. Hit ‘Reopen’ if you want to reopen a job.

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