How do I change the language of the job post?

By default, the basic elements on your job posts are set to the language based on your browser language and/or location. You can change this to 14 other languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Latvian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish or Turkish. Miss a language? Send us a message.

This will automatically translate:

  • The text in the apply button: ‘Apply now’.
  • The job type job, e.g. ‘Full-time’.
  • The standard ‘Our website’ URL in the footer.
  • All the English texts in the application form, like ‘Personal info’ and all the field names.

Change the default language

  1. Go to your settings (top right corner).
  2. Choose ‘Company details'.
  3. Click 'Languages' in the left menu bar.
  4. Enable multiple languages, by switching the toggle.
  5. Go back to your dashboard.
  6. ‘Edit’ an existing job post or add a new job post.
  7. In the top menu bar, you’ll find a language dropdown. Click ‘Edit languages’.
  8. Enable your default language.
  9. Make this language default by selecting ‘Default’.
  10. Switch off those languages you don’t want to use.
  11. Click ‘Save’.

This job post will now be shown in the default language. New job posts are also set in the default language. Of course, texts added by yourself, still need to be translated.

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