How do I share a job post on social media?

You can share your job post on social media either right inside Homerun on directly on the social media platform:

  1. After publishing a job, you'll notice you can directly share your job post on social media. Just click the, for example, Facebook button. A pop-up will appear where you can draft and publish your Facebook post.
  2. You can also copy the URL of the job post, e.g. Visit, for example, your Facebook account and paste the URL in your 'Update status' field. The custom share image will appear and you have all the freedom to add/edit text.
  3. Another option is to click the 'Promote' icon on the dashboard, next to the job you'd like to share. In the first row, you can see three logos for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Click on any of them to share the job on one of those channels.

Would you like to change the share image? Learn how to.

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