How do the Homerun pricing plans work?

Homerun offers two different types of pricing plans:

Pay for what you use

Keep it flexible and pay €19 per active job opening, per month. You get everything you need to start hiring. And you’ll only pay for how much you use Homerun. For example, two active jobs is €38 p/m and ten active jobs is €190 p/m. No contract, cancel anytime.

To keep it simple, everyone gets the premium pack with all of our features included and to an unlimited number of users.

No active jobs? Then just €19 a month so you always have access to your talent pool, candidates, team notes, run your career site and, when the time is right, the first active job opening included. You can also pause your account anytime, then you won't be charged anything.

Fixed monthly fee

No surprises, one fixed fee on which you can save 20%. You only need one sign off from you manager and choose the number of slots you need. You can upgrade or downgrade if you chose to pay monthly. If you pay annually, we'll give you a 20% discount.

No. job slots Monthly Annually save 20%
10 € 190 € 1799
20 € 380 € 3599
30 € 570 € 5399
40+ Contact us Contact us


Change pricing plan?

The default pricing plan is the ‘pay for what you use’-plan. We recommend you to go for this plan if you have around 1 - 6 active job openings. If you have around 10 or more, then send us a message, we can easily switch you to a fixed plan so you only need one sign off from your manager.


Notice that for Homerun users in The Netherlands, VAT is charged on top of Homerun fees at the Dutch VAT rate, currently 21%.

What’s an active job opening?

An active job opening starts only after you publish a job post and ends when you decide to close a job post.

Notice that there are 3 job states:

State Means Price per month
Active job An active job opening is a published job post. It’s either public or private. € 19
Closed job A closed job post means you’re fully finished hiring and don’t want to receive new or communicate with applicants.  € 0
Draft job A draft job post is not published and open to the public yet. € 0


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