How do I rearrange Job Blocks?

Would you like to rearrange the Job Blocks? Here's how:

Rearrange blocks

  1. Go to the career site or job post Live Editor.
  2. Hover any block. Click the settings icon in the blocks options.
  3. Click ‘Move’.
  4. Rearrange to your liking.

Hide header and footer

Want to hide the header and/or footer? Use the ‘Page styling’ (upper right corner) to disable (or enable) these blocks. When enabled, show or hide specific elements in the block by clicking ‘Content’ in the Options menu. In the header you can show or hide your company logo, title, subtitle and job type (in case of a job post). view these settings in the footer by clicking ‘Content’ in this block. Over here you are able to show or hide your company logo, the text about your company, the social media buttons and the Homerun logo.

Change order of jobs

Looking for a way to rearrange the job posts on your career site? Read this article.


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