How do I add, edit and style text?

To add text to your career site or job opening, add a Text Job Block (first, click the 'Plus icon' in between two Job Blocks). Either type or paste a text. Format text to your liking:

Style text

Select the text you want to style, a tooltip will appear:

  • Use B to make your selection bold.
  • Use I to make your selection Italic.
  • Use U to underline your selection.
  • Use the # to add a hyperlink to the selected text.
  • Use H1 to style the selection text as a header.
  • Use “ to layout the selection as a quote.
  • Use 1. to create a numbered list.
  • Use the bullet icon to create a bullet point list.
  • Use the align icon to center text. Click again to align back left.


Change the font

  1. Click the ‘Page styling’ icon (upper right corner).
  2. A sidebar appears. Over here you change the fonts of the title, subtitle, job type, headings, body text and quotes.
  3. Choose a different font. Every font on your page will change accordingly.
  4. Want to use a custom font? Read more about adding and using custom fonts.

Change font properties:

  1. Click the ‘Page styling’ icon (upper right corner).
  2. A sidebar appears. Click the type of text you want to change (e.g. ‘Subtitle’).
  3. Hover the font you want to adjust.
  4. A settings icon will appear.
  5. Here you can change font properties like font size, font weight and line height.
  6. Click ‘Save’.


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