How do I close a job post?

Is the job opening not vacant any more? To close a job post, simply hit ‘Close’ (in the menu that appears on hover). There are two ways to do this:

  • Right from your dashboard, look up the job post and click ‘Close’ in the options. 
  • On your review board at the 'Overview' tab, click the Settings icon (upper right corner) and hit 'Close'.


What happens when I close a job post?

When you close a job, the job post is de-activated and it also won't be visible anymore on your career site. It will also disappear from you dashboard. Also, you will no longer be able to communicate with applicants. So make sure you finish up with everyone before closing. You will always be able to look up everyone's contact info though.

Why should I close a job post?

You can close a job when you’ve hired someone. Close jobs in time with respect to your career site visitors, your team members and to get your statistics in order. Also, Homerun doesn't charge closed jobs, only active job posts. Read more about our pricing.

What’s the difference between a private and a closed job post?

Notice that closed and private job posts aren't the same. Here’s the difference:

  • A closed job means you’re fully finished hiring and don’t want to receive new applicants. There’s also no need to communicate with applicants anymore. Everyone is either rejected or hired. You also won't be charged for closed jobs.
  • A private job post means the job post is still active, but not visible to the public anymore. You either don't wan't your job post public from the beginning, or you've received plenty of applications and don't want to receive any more. So the big difference is that this job opening is not visible on your career site, but it is still accessible on your dashboard. You can share a unique private link to this job post, so people can still visit (and apply). Because it's still an active job opening, you are charged for private job posts.

Most companies publish their job posts open to the public. When they have enough applicants, they switch the job post to ‘private’ and start reviewing and communicating with applicants. When they've hired someone, they finally ‘Close’ the job.

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