How do I create or switch to a private job post?

When you don’t want a job post to be visible on your career site / to the public, you can create a private job. Private job posts can only be viewed by people/colleagues who receive a unique, private link from you.

Adding a private job

  1. When publishing a job, click ‘Continue’. You're asked to ‘Make job public?’. Switch this off to publish the job in private mode.
  2. The private share link will look something like This is the only link people can use to acces the job post and apply.
  3. A private job post won’t be visible on your career site.

Changing from public to private

Already published a job open as public, but want to make it private? Follow these steps:

  1. Look up the job opening on your dashboard and click ‘Settings’ in the options.
  2. The visibility is set to ‘Public’. Select ‘Private’.
  3. Hit ‘Save’.
  4. The job post is now private and will be labeled as such on your dashboard.

You can still manage applications, edit the job post or share your unique, private link. Because it's still an active job post, you are charged for private job posts. Read more about our pricing.

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