How do I @mention colleagues so they'll receive a notification?

You can make sure colleagues receive an e-mail notification of your note, by @mentioning them in your note. Want to know how? It's pretty easy:

@mention a colleague

  1. When you're viewing an application, start by typing your note.
  2. Mention a colleague by using the @ symbol. For example: @RobertKelly. If you just type the '@' symbol, notice you can pick a team member out of a drop down list.
  3. You can also use @team to notify everyone in the hire team. You can use @everyone to notify not only the team, but also every admin in Homerun.
  4. Everyone you mentioned, will receive a notification by e-mail.

Received an e-mail because you were mentioned in Homerun? Click the button to see the note in Homerun. You can also reply to the e-mail, the reply will be automatically added as a note.

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