How do I add multiple applicants?

You can add multiple applicants in the talent pool or directly to a job opening, by using a template:

Add multiple applicants

  1. Download this template.
  2. Fill in the fields. Notice that the first two columns (First name, Last name) are mandatory.
  3. Separate multiple tags by comma. Only use letters, numbers and/or spaces in your tags (no special characters or symbols).
  4. Do not add, change, rearrange or delete any columns.
  5. Use up to 50 rows (candidates) per upload.
  6. Save the template as .xls or .xlsx file. On a Mac (Numbers)? Click ‘File’ > ‘Export to’ > ‘Excel’. In the Advanced options you’ll find options to save a file as .xls or .xlsx.
  7. Either in your talent pool or in a job opening - click ‘Add candidate’.
  8. At the bottom click ‘Add multiple candidates’.
  9. Click ‘Upload completed template (.xls or .xlsx)’.
  10. The applicants are now added!


I received an error: “The template contains no valid entries”. Now what?

Make sure:

  • There is at least 1 entry in your template.
  • You didn't use special characters or symbols in the tags.
  • You didn't change or delete columns in the template.
  • The file extension is .xls or .xlsx.
  • There aren't any missing mandatory fields (First name, Last name).
  • Please notice that you can use up to 50 rows in the template.

Still not working? Send us a message, we'll be happy to help you out.


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