What’s the difference between ‘disqualified’ and ‘mark as rejected and notified’?

‘Disqualified’ is just a status with no consequences. You can use a status to organise your applicants and get a solid overview of e.g. which applicants you need to invite for an interview and which ones you still need to reject. We recommend to use stages like so:

  1. For every single applicant, you decide to either qualifying or disqualify someone (change the status). This is basically the first step to separate the wheat from the chaff.
  2. When you’re done, we advise you to immediately reject the applicants who received the ‘Disqualified’ status. Read more about rejecting applicants here.


Rejected and Notified

‘Mark as rejected and notified’ is a consequence of certain actions. You either rejected them through Homerun or rejected them outside Homerun and gave them the status yourself. Everyone with this status will be hidden from the list of applicants.

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