How do I manage or add users in Homerun?

Invite your colleagues to Homerun and review applicants together. Decide per job opening which colleagues can review applicants by adding them to the 'hire team'. 

Add team members and admins
Decide per job which users can review applicants by adding them to the hire team. Or you can make users admin, so they have access to every feature and every applicant. There are two ways to invite your team:

Manage team

  1. Go to your settings (top right corner) and click ‘Team management’ (only if you have that permission).
  2. Click ‘Add team member’.
  3. Fill in basic info of the colleague you want to invite.
  4. Choose whether you want to make this user an admin, or just a team member (what’s the difference?).
  5. Select the job opening(s) your colleague can review and set the right permissions. Click 'save changes'.
  6. Your colleague will receive an invitation by e-mail. Done!

Add someone to a hire team

  1. While editing a job, you can click ‘Hire team’ in the menu bar at the top right.
  2. Select colleagues who already have a Homerun account, or add new user by hitting the plus icon.
  3. The invited members will receive an invitation by e-mail. After accepting, they can immediately start reviewing the applications.
  4. You can also manage your hire team. Go to an applicants profile and click the settings icon next to the current hire team (just above the notes).
Change user permissions

As an Admin you can decide which permissions each user has. Just click on any user at the 'Team management' page and enable or disable the permissions.

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