How do I use a custom domain?

Connect a custom domain to your Homerun career site, so your career site will change to e.g. instead of


Use a custom domain

  1. First, log in to the account of your domain provider and go to their settings. Ask a colleague to help you out with this, if it gets a little too technical.
  2. Go to DNS settings.
  3. Add a CNAME record and choose a (sub)domain you want to use, e.g. or Point it to
  4. Log in to Homerun.
  5. Go to your settings (top right corner).
  6. Click 'Company details'.
  7. On the left side menu, click 'Custom Domain', displayed at 'Advanced'.
  8. Fill in the (sub)domain you created, like
  9. Click 'Save Changes'. It can take 20 minutes before your changes are visible. 

Your custom domain is all set! It can take up to 24 hours for the DNS settings to take effect.


My custom domain isn't working

When you make a DNS change, it takes time for the changes to take effect. We suggest waiting up to 24 hours for the DNS to be fully refreshed. Still not working? Check this CNAME Lookup tool. Fill in your (sub)domain, e.g. and click 'CNAME Lookup'. If you installed your subdomain correctly, the following will appear:

  • Type: CNAME
  • Domain name: your (sub)domain, e.g.
  • Canonical name:

If the output is different, the DNS settings are not correct. Please check the above 9 steps again.

If the output is correct, but your custom domain isn't working, please send us a message, we'll help you out!

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