How do I connect Google Analytics to Homerun?

In Homerun, you can check Facebook & Twitter shares, visitors and view where applicants are visiting from and how many of those also applied. Connect Google Analytics to your Homerun account to get access to all the stats you want:


Connect Google Analytics to Homerun

  1. Go to your settings (top right corner).
  2. Click ‘Company details’.
  3. At the left, scroll to 'Integrations', displayed at 'Advanced'.
  4. At the top, fill in your Tracking ID (like ‘UA-000000-01’), which you can create in your Google Analytics account (read below how to create one).
  5. Click ‘Save changes’.

That’s it! It can take up to 24 hours for statistics to show. Notice that Google can’t pull statistics from the past, so it will start tracking from the moment you’ve connected Google Analytics to Homerun. Read more


How do I create a Tracking ID?

  1. Visit your Google Analytics account.
  2. Click ‘Admin’ in the top navigation bar.
  3. On the very left side, choose the account you want the Tracking ID to be part of.
  4. Click the dropdown menu below ‘PROPERTY’.
  5. Select ‘Create new property’.
  6. Fill in all the fields.
  7. Make sure to double check the website URL, which is If you use a custom domain, fill in your custom domain (e.g.
  8. Click ‘Get Tracking ID’.
  9. Copy the Tracking ID code (e.g. ‘UA-000000-01’).

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