How do I add a new job post?

Add a new job

  1. Start on your dashboard.
  2. Click ‘Create new job’.
  3. Start by filling in the job title, job type, location and recruiting type:
    - job title: for example ‘Project manager’.
    - job type: for example ‘Full-time’. You can't add new job types.
    - location: for example ‘Barcelona, Spain’.
    - recruiting type: by default, use 'Job opening page and application form'. Only need the application form? Choose ‘Only application form’.
  4. Click ‘Continue’. Welcome to the Live Editor.
  5. Summarize your job post at the top and add your job description.
  6. You’ll notice a ‘plus icon’ in between two blocks, this is where you can add a new Job Block. These blocks enable you to create a more authentic, personal and rich job post. Examples of Job Blocks are text, images, profile pictures of your team, perks, a Twitter feed or an Instagram feed.
  7. Want to rearrange Job Blocks? Hit the ‘Settings’ option in the Options menu of a Job Block (top right) and choose ‘Move’.
  8. On the second tab - Application form - you can set up the application form. You can choose which fields you want to show or hide, and which fields are mandatory.
  9. Also this is where you can add questions to get a more personal impression from you applicants. Or add an assignment to get a better impression of the applicant's skills or way of thinking.
  10. Finished editing? Choose ‘Continue’ and click ‘Publish job’.

Tip: Duplicate your job posts

Adding multiple job posts? To prevent you from repeatedly designing every new job post, you can duplicate existing job posts by clicking ‘Duplicate’. Saves a whole bunch of time!

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