How do I review applicants?

Whenever someone applied, you’ll instantly receive a notification by e-mail. Also, your dashboard instantly shows how many applicants you have received, and how many of those you still have to review. Here's how you can review an applicantion:

 Review an application

  1. Every application has the same format. At the top you’ll find basic info like name, age, phone number and e-mail address. Scroll down to read more about the applicant’s education and experience. If you asked questions, you’ll find the answers at the bottom.
  2. The only thing you have to do is rate the applicant. In the bright blue box, select 1-5 stars.
  3. If you want to, you can explain your rating or share feedback, by adding a note. If you want a colleague to receive a notification of your note, mention them by using '@Name'.
  4. The other hire team members will also rate applicants. Go to the 'Candidates' tab (and select the 'List' view) to see a quick overview of all applicants, sorted by average rating of your team.
  5. Hover the stars to see the individual rating of each team member.

Note: If you want to reset your rating, just click on the stars you’ve given (if you’ve given thee stars, click the third star) to delete your rating. You can now add your new rating.

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