1. Create your first job post

Creating a new job post is a walk in the park. Our live editor makes it easy to create, design and publish your job post. You don't need any technical skills. Let’s go!

 Create a job post

  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2. Click ‘Create new job’.
  3. Fill in a job title, job type, location and recruiting type.
  4. Click ‘Continue’. You’re now in Homerun’s live editor.
  5. Type or copy/paste any text you’d like: eg. start with a summary of the job at the top and add a job description in the middle.
  6. You’ll notice a ‘plus icon’ in between two blocks, this is where you can add a new job block. These blocks enable you to create a more authentic, personal and rich job post. Examples of job blocks are text, images, video’s, profile pictures of your colleagues, interesting links or an Instagram feed.
  7. Want to rearrange the job blocks? Hit the ‘Settings’ option in the block option of a job block (at the right) and choose ‘Move’.
  8. On the second tab, Application form, you can customise your application form. Decide here which fields have to be filled in by applicants and which of those are mandatory.
  9. Also, this is the spot where you can add questions or an assignment so you’ll receive richer, more personal applications.
  10. Finished editing? Click ‘Continue’ and ‘Publish job’.


You can always edit your job post; just look up the job opening on your dashboard and click 'Edit' (the 6th icon).

Looking for inspiration on how to show your Employer Brand? Visit our The Art of Employer Branding guide for best practices and must read articles, books and podcasts. 


  1. Create your first job opening
  2. Set up your career site
  3. Edit confirmation mail, languages and templates
  4. Invite your team
  5. Connect Homerun to your company website
  6. Inspiring companies using Homerun

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