5. Connect Homerun to your company website

There are 3 ways to connect Homerun to your current, existing website.

First, pick your preference:

  1. I want to use the career site I created with Homerun.
  2. I already run a career site on my existing website but would like to embed a list of job openings and link to job posts created with Homerun.
  3. I run my own career site and create my own job posts, I just want to use the custom application forms and Homerun's applicant tracking system.

Follow one of the instructions matching your preference:

 I want to use the career site I created with Homerun.

    1. Copy the link of your Homerun career site. Most of the time this is yourcompanyname.homerun.co, except when you’re using a custom domain.
    2. Add a 'Jobs' or 'Careers' button to your main navigation or footer and link that button to the above URL.
    3. Can't do this by yourself? Ask someone who’s in charge of your company website.


I want to list the jobs created with Homerun on my own website (embedded).

    1. With the embed editor you can embed all of the job openings in Homerun in your own website. Read more


I only want to use Homerun's custom application forms.

    1. Only want to create application forms in Homerun? That’s also possible. While adding a new job in Homerun, choose ‘Only application form’ as recruiting type.
    2. After publishing, copy the link of the application form, paste it in your job post and ask people to click the link to apply.


Looking for other options? We offer an API.



  1. Create your first job opening
  2. Set up your career site
  3. Edit confirmation mail, languages and templates
  4. Invite your team
  5. Connect Homerun to your company website
  6. Inspiring companies using Homerun

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