How do I use multiple languages on my career site?

By default, the basic elements on your career site are set to the language based on your browser language and/or location. You can change this into one of the 11 languages: Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Latvian, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish or Swedish. You can also offer visitors multiple languages. A language switch will then appear on your career site.

Using multiple languages

  1. Go to your settings (top right corner).
  2. Click ‘Preferences’.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Job language’.
  4. Enable the different languages - if they aren’t already - by switching the toggle.
  5. Hover the language you want to make default and click ‘make default’.
  6. Go back to your dashboard by clicking ‘Exit’ (upper left corner).
  7. Click ‘Edit career site’.
  8. At the top of the editor you’ll find a language dropdown. Click ‘Edit languages’.
  9. Enable the languages you want to use by switching the ‘In use’ toggle.
  10. Choose a default language. This language will be shown when someone visits your career site for the first time.
  11. Click ‘Save’.
  12. Your career site editor is now displayed in one of your activated languages. The language switch at the top of your editor tells you which language you’re currently editing.
  13. Switch the language by selecting a different language in the top of your editor.
  14. Translate/change the text of your career site and hit ‘Save changes’.
  15. Click ‘Preview’ (the eye icon) to view your career site. Notice the language switch in the footer.

This will automatically translate:

  • Job types, like full-time and part-time.
  • The title of the ‘Job openings’ building block.
  • The 'Arrange by' buttons (Locations and Job type).
  • ‘Our website’ in the footer, linking to your company website.

Delete languages

Want to delete languages you’ve added? Follow these steps:

  1. Click ‘Career site’ on your dashboard.
  2. Choose ‘Edit languages’ in the language switch at the top.
  3. Switch off the languages you want to delete.
  4. Hit ‘Save’.
  5. Choose ‘Save changes’ at the top right corner.

Notice that any changes you’ve made in the text of the language you just deleted, will still be saved. When enabling the language again, the translations and changes you’ve made in the text will re-appear.

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