How do I change the share image of a job post?

By default, the image that appears when sharing a job post on social media, like Facebook or LinkedIn, is the first image found on the job post. Here’s how to change the share image:

Change share image

  1. On your dashboard, click ‘Promote’ in the options of the job opening.
  2. Upload a new share image.

That’s it!

Why is my new share image not showing on Facebook or LinkedIn?
Notice that social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn need some time to recache your link and show the newly uploaded image.

For Facebook you can manually cache the link by using the Facebook Debugger.

LinkedIn caches only once a week, so you'll need some patience. Or you can try to change the URL of your job post. LinkedIn will then recognize your link as new and they will update the information. 


Would you like to change the share image of the career site? Learn how to.

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