How do I reject an applicant?

When you know someone isn't a fit, it's best to reject an applicant as soon as possible.

Reject an applicant

  1. Go to the applicant's application, click the status dropdown below the profile picture.
  2. Click ‘Personal email rejection’.
  3. You can use the 'bulk rejection' template for this email. Change the text, if you want to.
  4. Click ‘Send’.

The applicant will receive your email and will be hidden from the list of applicants. If you have contacted the applicant outside Homerun, you can manually change the status to ‘Mark as rejected and notified’.

Reject multiple applicants

You can also reject multiple applicants at once:

  1. Go to 'candidates' (second tab on your review board).
  2. Select the applicants you want to reject.
  3. Click the dropdown at the upper right corner (‘Bulk actions’).
  4. Choose 'Send rejection e-mail'.
  5. The bulk rejection template is already inserted as a draft. Change the text, if you want to. Notice that every applicant will receive a personalised salutation.
  6. Click ‘Send’.

All of the applicants have received a personal email about the rejection and are hidden from the list of applicants. You can also set their status manually to ‘Rejected’ by making a selection on the Candidates tab and clicking ‘Rejected and notified’ in the 'Bulk action' dropdown. In this case, they won’t receive an email rejection.

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