Can I use HTTPS with a custom domain?

Since February 2018, all new custom domains will use HTTPS automatically. If you created a custom domain before February 2018, you can follow these steps to use HTTPS with your custom domain. 

Changing to HTTPS

  1. Edit the CNAME record in your DNS settings: point it to
  2. In Homerun, go to your settings on the top right, and click 'Company details'.
  3. Then go to 'Custom Domain' in the left menu bar and add your custom domain. 
  4. If you get an error message, this probably means that the DNS settings haven't propagated yet. Try waiting one hour before clicking Update again, it will probably work the second time :)  
  5. When you successfully did this, your secured connection will be active within 20 minutes.

Your Homerun pages will stay online when changing the CNAME record.

If you need any further assistance with this, just contact us.

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