How do I add a Google Maps block?

Show people where they’ll be working, by adding this Google Maps Job Block.

Add Google Maps

  1. After clicking the 'Plus icon', hit the Google Maps Job Block.
  2. Look up your address and copy/paste or type it in the field. 
  3. Click Add.
  4. The map appears. 
  5. Hover the Job Block to view the Options menu. Use the first icon (Content) to change the address. You can also enable a title and description. Edit the position and alignment of the title & description block in the ‘Appearance’ menu in the Options menu.
  6. In ‘Appearance’ you are able to add a background color or image. You can also change the padding.
  7. Move, duplicate or remove the entire Job Block in the settings (last icon) of the Options menu.

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