How do I add a quote?

Use a big, bold quote to convey an important message, like the essence of your company's values.

Add a quote

  1. After clicking the 'Plus icon', hit the Big quote Job Block.
  2. Enter a quote and a name. Either use a quote from a press publication, article you've written or from someone else you're inspired by.
  3. Hover the block to view the Options menu.
  4. Click ‘Content’ to disable (or enable) the quote or name.
  5. In ‘Appearance’ you are able to add a background color or image. You can also change text color and padding. Align your quote by clicking ‘Alignment’.
  6. Move, duplicate or remove the entire Job Block in the settings (last icon) of the options.

Change the quote font
Hit the ‘Page styling’ icon at the upper right corner of the Live Editor. Look up the Fonts section and click ‘Quotes’. Select another font. Hover the font and click the tiny settings icon to change the font properties (font size, weight and height).

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