How do I add a SoundCloud playlist, album, track or profile?

Have a company podcast, or been featured on one? Embed it in your job posts for people to hear.

Add a SoundCloud playlist or track

  1. After clicking the 'Plus icon', hit the SoundCloud Job Block.
  2. Look up the playlist, album, track or profile that you’d like to embed.
  3. Look up the embed code by clicking ‘share’. Hover a track and click the three dots to find the share option. In a playlist or album you’ll find the share button at the bottom. On a profile the share button is displayed at the right.
  4. Click ‘Embed’ (second tab).
  5. Choose the display option (big or small).
  6. Copy the embed code. The code will start with ‘<iframe…’ and ends with ‘</iframe>’.
  7. Go back to the Homerun Live Editor. Paste the code in the field and click Add.
  8. The SoundCloud embed will now appear.
  9. Hover the block to view the Options menu.
  10. Click ‘Content’ to enable (or disable) the block title. Update the embed code, if needed.
  11. In ‘Appearance’ you are able to add a background color or image. You can also change text color and padding
  12. Move, duplicate or remove the entire Job Block in the settings (last icon) of the options.

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