How do I create and manage an event?

Plan your meetings with candidates right from within Homerun. 

Create an event

  1. On a candidate’s profile, create an event by clicking the calendar icon.
  2. Select the type of event, e.g. Job interview, Video call or Lunch.
  3. Set a date, time and duration.
  4. Invite team members (optional).
  5. Enter a location and add a personal message.
  6. Click Save.

Check the box to send attendees (including the candidate) an e-mail invite with event details.

View your events

When you've created an event, it'll appear in the right sidebar on your dashboard. A maximum of 5 upcoming events will show up in chronological order. The event is also visible on the candidate's profile. You can view and manage all your planned and archived events on the Events page in your job opening or for your whole account (accessible in in the header on your dashboard). Admins are able to view and edit the events of all team members in the 'All events' tab.

Manage your events

Homerun events do not sync with your calendar app (yet). Make sure you change or cancel events in Homerun and not in your calendar app.

  1. Edit an event by clicking the settings icon on an event in Homerun
  2. Choose 'Edit event'.
  3. Change any detail about the event.
  4. Make sure the box is checked if you want to send an update to the candidate and attendees.
  5. Click Save (or Save and send when box is checked).

When checked, the attendees (including the candidate) will receive an e-mail with the updated event detals. They can add it again to their own calendar app. Note: attendees need to delete the 'old' event in their calendar apps manually. The 'old' event won't be updated automatically (yet).

Delete an event by choosing this option in the settings of the event. Make sure to cancel this event in Homerun and not in your calendar app, because the events won't be synchronised automatically. The attendees will receive an e-mail notifying them of the cancellation.

Add an event to your own calendar app

Homerun events do not sync with your calendar app (yet). However, you can add Homerun events to your own calendar app. There are two ways to do this:

  1. In Homerun click 'Add to calendar' in the settings of an event. An ICS file will be downloaded (called 'invitation'). Open the file in your calendar app.
  2. In an e-mail invitation for an event, click 'Add to calendar'. An ICS file will be downloaded which you can open in your calendar app.

What's an ICS file?

All attendees will receive an e-mail with event details and an ICS file to make it easy to add the event to their calendar app. The ICS format is the most recognised and accepted Calendar file format. Most popular calendar apps work with ICS files. To add an event into your own calendar app, just download any ICS file and open it in your calendar app.

Time zone

Homerun detects your time zone from your browser. If that's not correct, you can pick another time zone in the dropdown. Attendees can add the event to their own calendar app by downloading the ICS file attached in the email invitation. When they are situated in a different time zone, the event times will adapt to 'their timezone’.

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