Which Insights are available in Homerun?

  • Job insights: Get actionable and meaningful insights from your job openings. Click on the 'insights icon' next to your job on your dashboard. 
  • Company Insights: Get an easy to use overview of insightful statistics that help you understand and share key metrics with your team or manager. Click on 'Insights' in the top menu bar. 

Click on the date picker on the right side of your Insights page to select any period you want. Do you want to see the insights from last week? Sure! Do you want to see the insights of the past year, no problem! You’re in the driver’s seat.

Use the candidates element to see in what stage most of your candidates fall off. How many candidates applied and made it to the end? This graph will tell you.

By the way, did you know you can manage and adjust the stages in the review board yourself? Here’s how

Create a PDF
Create a PDF of your Insights page to share your data in just a few clicks with your colleagues and manager :) Click on 'Print or save report'. 

Get an overview of the number of visitors on a specific page and use the date picker to select a specific period, to see if a certain campaign was successful or to discover when your job post performed at its best.

Immediately get an insight into how different sources are performing with regards to the promotion of your job post. Now, you can also look up how many visitors, applicants and even hires every specific source is responsible for. This can give you powerful insights on what channels are most profitable for you.

You can click on the three items (visits/applied/hired) to get the matching data in your graphic. The graphic will adjust accordingly (see image above).



Go to your job insights

  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Click on ‘Insights’ (the graph icon) next to your job


Go to your company insights

  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Click on ‘Insights’ in your upper menu bar


What does ‘direct’ mean as a source?
This is all traffic that can’t be specified or recognized by Google. For example, visitors who went directly to your page or people who click on a link in an email. Also, traffic coming from bookmarked links or from people who send the link to each other via Whatsapp will be in this category.


Why do I see an unknown channel in my sources?
This can happen when a visitor also visited another page within the same ‘browser session’, the system recognizes this as a referral.  


Can I connect Google Analytics to Homerun?
Definitely, this article explains you how.

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