How to create beautiful job posts?


We live in a time where finding talent is hard, simply putting out a ‘We’re hiring sign” won’t do anymore. It’s time to step up your hiring game. One way of doing that is by creating engaging and beautiful job posts. By presenting a job in a richer, more personal way, candidates will feel connected to the job and your company, resulting in better and more invested candidates. In other words, better employees and less time spent on the hiring.

In this article we’ll share some inspiration to transform your job opening into a beautiful job post by using our job blocks in Homerun’s Live Editor. If you’re not familiar with how creating a job post works, first read how to create a new job post.

There are three things to keep in mind when creating a job post:

1. The Basics
Just like any piece of external communication, you also want your job posts to match your brand. So make sure to add your own fonts and pick your company color.

2. How to present the job
Sure, you want to include all the basic info in your job post (description, skill level, location), but let’s think about how to present it. What if you would view your job post as an advertisement, or even better as a campaign site. What would that look like? Maybe for some jobs a list of bullet points works best, but most of the times it works better to create a story that really connects with the people you want to reach, so that they are professionally but also emotionally triggered by what you offer. Try for example to keep it informal and personal by creating a job post that acts like an interview with the team lead. Or if you’re looking for a developer, it would be smart to share some information about your tech stack and some insights into your code.

In whatever format you decide to reframe your traditional job post: always keep the characteristics of your potential candidates in mind.

3. Show your company culture by using job blocks
Many hires fail because the candidate’s expectations are not aligned with the company’s reality. To attract candidates that will love working with you it’s important to show what working at your company is actually like; show your company culture.

We see our colleagues more than our friends, so why not show what a week working with them looks like? Or what the office is like and what playlist is on when it’s Friday 4pm and everyone wants to blow off some steam? But just as much about what you offer as an employer, whether that’s a free gym membership or an awesome internal mentor program. Include this in your job post, because it’s all part of your company culture!

We’ve made it easy for you to show your company culture in your job posts, you can use over 15 different job blocks. Each job block allows you to show a different part of your company, all within a few clicks. You can add a job block simply by clicking on the + sign in the live editor.



How to add a job block in our live-editor☝️


Don’t know where to start?
You can start with enriching (not replacing) your traditional ‘bullet points’ job post with these three job blocks:


Need inspiration? Check out the career sites of these selected Homerun customers: 

Looking for more inspiration on how to show your company culture? Check out our The Art of Employer Branding guide full of best practices.


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