What do you need to design your career site and first job post?

You can use several assets for the design of your career site and first job post. To help you getting started, we have made a list of all the assets you can use to make your career site and job posts on-brand.

First of all, for the layout of the site you need:

  • Company color (you can use a #hex color code to pick your company color)
  • Font (this article explains you how to upload your own font to Homerun)
  • Company logo (in png or jpeg)

Furthermore, you can use any of the assets below and add them to job blocks. Within Homerun, you can choose and add different job blocks to create your own, unique job posts. They can help you to easily add interesting content to your career site and vacancies and make them look more attractive.



  • Introductory text about the company
  • What it’s like to work at the company (e.g. this job post describes what a working week at the company looks like)


  • Links to articles written about your company


  • Logos from awards you won


  • List of tools you are using
  • Logos of tools you are using


  • List of perks you offer
  • Icons / pictures/ logos from these perks

Feel like you need to know more on how to create beautiful job posts? Then check out this article, which will give you more ideas and inspiration on how to make your job posts look attractive. 

Looking for inspiration on how to show your Employer Brand? Visit our The Art of Employer Branding guide for best practices and must read articles, books and podcasts. 

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