What is data retention and how do I use it?

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What is data retention?

Because of the new privacy regulations, you are no longer allowed to store candidate data indefinitely. This is why you are responsible for deciding how long you want to keep the personal data. This period is called the data retention period.

The data retention period applies to the time you can keep all the data you have on a candidate. After that, you have to delete all the data.

How does data retention work in Homerun?

You should inform your candidates about the purpose and period of the storage of their data. If you enter a consent text, Homerun will show it as a checkbox in the final step of the application form. You can choose whether or not you'd like this checkbox to be mandatory.

If the candidate gives consent to keep the data for the set time, you can see the end date of the retention period in the profile of the candidate. The retention period resets every time there is contact with the candidate. For example, if the period ends in 2 days and the candidate sends you an email, the retention period resets again.

How to use the data retentions settings?

Use the data retention settings to determine what you want to do when the data retention period of a candidate has expired.

Start by defining a retention period. Go to your privacy settings and enter your retention period with consent and a retention period without consent. The period chosen here should be mentioned in your consent checkbox.
Read more about the consent checkbox here

*Last contact: This is the last time a candidate contacted you or responded to a message sent by you from Homerun. If there was no contact with the candidate, our system will use the application date as the last contact moment. 

If you change the existing retention period, the candidates who applied before the change will retain their original data retention period. The new settings will only be applicable to new candidates.

What happens after the retention period?

As soon as the retention period has ended, there are three options available within Homerun. You can choose your option:

      1. Take manual action. This means you will have to take manual action enforcing your retention policy and deleting candidates manually. Read more about filtering and deleting candidates.
      2. Automatically delete the data. This means that Homerun will automatically delete the candidate date when the retention period has expired.
      3. Automatically add this tag to the candidate: then choose the tag you want. Homerun will automatically add this tag to the profiles of the candidates whose retention period has expired. Then you can choose to bulk delete them or send them a message and ask them permission to extend the retention period. You can read more about bulk deleting candidates on this page.

How can I extend the retention period?

Every time you have contact with a candidate within Homerun, and the candidate responds to this, the retention period resets automatically. You can read more about extending the retention period on this page.

Want to know more about GDPR and how you can become compliant? Check out The GDPR ready to roll hiring guide. 

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