How do I use the consent checkbox?

You want to make sure you have active consent from a candidate when he or she applies for a job. With Homerun's consent checkbox, you can give candidates the opportunity to give their consent about storing their personal data for a certain amount of time.

You’ve probably already defined a retention period. If you haven't: go to your privacy settings and enter your retention period. The period chosen here should be mentioned in your consent checkbox.

How to create a consent checkbox:

  1. Go to the privacy page by clicking on your profile on the upper right side of the screen and select 'privacy'.
  2. Scroll to the 'consent' part of the page.
  3. You can write the text for the content yourself, or rewrite the example as inspiration. Make sure to include why (purpose) you are storing the information and for how long (amount of time).
  4. The text can be written in any of the languages that are activated for your Homerun account. You can select the language on the right side and change the text accordingly.
  5. You can choose to make the consent checkbox mandatory for a candidate in order to apply. Be aware that this could have an impact on your application process. If a candidate chooses to not check the box you don’t have the consent to store their data for the amount of time indicated in the checkbox, which means you should delete their data faster.
  6. Click 'Update'. The box is added to the bottom of all the application forms of all your job posts.

Also, be aware that although you might not always need explicit consent to store candidate data you should always ensure that you share your privacy statement for recruitment with them. You can read more about the privacy statement here

Want to know more about GDPR and how you can become compliant? Check out The GDPR ready to roll hiring guide

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