What is a Privacy Statement and how do I use it?

Why do I need a privacy statement?

Just like your regular website, your career site needs a privacy statement too. It is different from the statement of your regular website which will be more general. In the privacy statement for recruitment on your career site, you explain how and why you process the data of your applicants and visitors. It is important to share a link to your privacy statement with every candidate. The statement will address your candidates and needs to include all the information that is required by Article 13 and Article 14 from the GDPR. It should be short, understandable, transparent and easily accessible.


How do I add my company's’ privacy statement?

Go to settings > privacy to add an URL to your privacy statement for recruitment. This link will appear at the bottom of your career site, job posts and application forms.

Tip: Since a visitor might need additional software to open a PDF file (or other files), uploading such a file would go against this principle, you should have the statement ready to read on a page. If you are unable to host your privacy statement on a URL, you could use a service such as Dropbox to create a publicly accessible document which you can link to.

For inspiration, please have a look at our own Privacy Statement for recruitment, but please be aware that our Privacy Statement is protected by copyright law.

Want to know more about GDPR and how you can become compliant? Check out The GDPR ready to roll hiring guide.  

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