How do I add a custom font from Hoefler & Co?

This article explains how to add custom Hoefler & Co fonts to your Homerun account. Is your font hosted by a different type foundry? Please click here!

Connecting your type foundry account to Homerun requires some technical knowhow, if you’re not that tech savvy, just ask a colleague to help you out.

Let’s get started
Login to your Homerun account, go to 'Company details' and click 'Appearance'. When you click ‘Add custom font’ this window pops up:


You only have to complete the above four steps to add your custom font. We’ll take you through each one, step by step.

Adding a Hoefler & Co font to Homerun

  1. First, make sure you click in the first step, the font provider.
  2. Fill in the name of the font in the second form.
  3. Then, open your Hoefler & Co account, go to your cloud dashboard, click on domains (select a project first, if you have more than one),
  4. Click on + Add a Domain, in the empty field type:, and click “save changes”.
  5. Click on + Add a Domain again and type in your Homerun domain name, it should be something like,, and click save changes. Note: If you have a custom domain, like, repeat step 5 and add that domain too.
  6. In the cloud dashboard, click tools at the top right corner and at the CSS field, copy the link that is displayed behind href=“ and switch back to Homerun and copy this link in the CSS field in the pop up.
  7. Switch back to Hoefler&Co and in the cloud dashboard, click Font styles at the left.
  8. Click on Show CSS and copy the family name that is shown between the apostrophes
  9. Switch back to Homerun and copy the family name in the field for family name in the pop up and click save.
  10. Good job! Your font will now show up in the font-list in Homerun’s job editor. You can add more fonts by repeating the above steps.

Custom font extra options
We want you to have full control over your custom fonts. Hover over a custom font in the fonts-list and you’ll notice settings icon. This allows you to change the following font specifics: font size, font weight and line height.

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