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How do I let people apply using the data in their LinkedIn account?
How do I let people apply using the data in their LinkedIn account?
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When candidates apply for a job post, they can pre-fill their application form with data from their LinkedIn profile, saving them time and ensuring a smooth candidate experience. To offer this feature to your candidates, all you need to do is connect your Corporate LinkedIn Recruiter Account to Homerun. Once connected, a “Pre-fill with LinkedIn” button will be added to every application form, automatically.

Note: You'll only need one Corporate LinkedIn Recruiter Account for your company's Homerun account.

Connecting your LinkedIn account to Homerun

  1. From anywhere in the tool, click Settings in the sidebar

  2. On the left, scroll down to "Customize" and click Integrations

  3. Scroll down to "Apply with LinkedIn" and click Manage integration

  4. Login with LinkedIn and connect it to Homerun by following the steps in the pop-up

Why do I need a Corporate LinkedIn Recruiter Account or a Paid Linked Account with Job Slots?

The “Pre-fill with LinkedIn” is a tool, offered by LinkedIn. On January 1st, 2019 LinkedIn changed the way this tool and the integration works with Homerun. To use the tool, you have to connect a Corporate LinkedIn Recruiter Account or a Paid LinkedIn Account with Jobs Slots to your Homerun account. That way, both you, and LinkedIn, will be able to track who uses the Pre-fill with LinkedIn button. These users are called Apply Starters. You will be able to see all the candidates that have started filling in the application form, with the “pre-fill with LinkedIn” option, before, or even if, they send their application. These Apply Starters will be tracked in your LinkedIn account and visible from the LinkedIn Dashboard at Past Applicant Spotlight. For more information on LinkedIn, their service and the different accounts, visit their website.

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