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How do I connect Google Analytics 4 to Homerun?
How do I connect Google Analytics 4 to Homerun?
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Connect Google Analytics to your Homerun account to get access to all the stats you want:

Connecting Google Analytics 4 to Homerun

  1. In Homerun, click your profile in the top right corner and click Settings

  2. At the left, click Integrations, displayed at Advanced

  3. Click the Google Analytics block and fill in your Measurement ID (like ‘G-123456789’), which you can create in your Google Analytics 4 account (read more on how to create one)

  4. You can add multiple Measurement ID's by separating them by a comma

  5. Click Save changes.

That’s it! It can take up to 24 hours for statistics to show.

Note: Google can’t pull statistics from the past, so it will start tracking from the moment you’ve connected Google Analytics to Homerun.

Note: if you connect your Google Analytics account to Homerun, it places a pixel on your career page, apply forms and job posts. The pixel will track the data anonymously. Read more about cookies and updating your privacy statement.

Note: if you have disabled Analytics cookies on the Privacy page in your Homerun account, no analytics cookies will be placed and Insights won't show data related to page views and sources.

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