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How do I recover deleted candidates?
How do I recover deleted candidates?
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Candidates can be deleted manually by a user, or automatically because the data retention for that candidate has expired.

Did you or a team member accidentally delete a candidate you shouldn't have, or did data retention expire before you noticed? Mistakes happen! That's why we apply a grace period of 7 days before we permanently delete the data.

The "Recently deleted" page in Settings shows the deleted candidates and how many days are left before they will be permanently deleted. This is where you can restore the candidate to an existing Job. If you don't have any jobs in your account, you will have to create one first.

How do I recover a deleted candidate?

  1. From anywhere in the tool, click Settings in the sidebar

  2. At the left, scroll down to 'Candidates' and click Recently deleted

  3. This is where you’ll find a list of recently deleted candidates that are still within their grace period of 7 days. The red text with ‘X days’ indicates how much time is left to recover each candidate

  4. Click on Recover beside a candidate name to recover a specific candidate, or select multiple candidates and click Recover selected (X amount)

  5. Select which job you want to restore the candidate(s) to

  6. Click Recover to confirm

Your candidate(s) is now recovered and you can visit their candidate profile(s) again.

Data retention after recovery

How the data retention for a candidate is set after recovery depends on the situation:

  • If the candidate you are recovering has a data retention period that is already expired, the period will be extended with the number of months that were set in your retention policy when the candidate was created. Double-check the candidate's profile after recovering to be sure!

  • If the data retention period for the candidate was not yet expired or if no data retention was set, it will not be updated. After recovery, it's a good idea to double-check if the candidate's data retention period is set appropriately.

  • You can always extend the data retention period for a candidate by request or manually. See this page: for how to do that.

The candidate I want to recover is not on the list!

If the candidate was deleted more than 7 days ago, it will not be shown in the "Recently deleted" page, because it has already been permanently deleted. In this case, the candidate cannot be recovered, unfortunately. Not even via our Support team.

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