Inviting your team

Invite your team to start hiring together. Learn how to invite your team and assign to them the right permissions.

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Hiring is a team sport so decide together with your team who’s the best hire to join your team. In this article we'll walk you through the steps to invite your team members to your Homerun account, so note that it's only relevant if you have Team Management permission.

As an admin / user with the Team Management permission, you can invite other team members and decide per team member who can review candidates, edit or create job posts, change the billing details, or make changes to the career page.

Inviting your team

  1. At the bottom of the sidebar, click Settings, then Team Management

  2. Click Add team member

  3. Fill in basic info of the new user

  4. Choose whether you want to make this user an admin, or a team member
    (What’s the difference?)

  5. When you add a user or admin, you can prevent this user from accessing the job opening they applied for by selecting this specific job opening in the drop-down menu

  6. You can select the job(s) this user has access to

  7. Click Save changes

  8. The freshly added user will receive an invitation by e-mail

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