What are job blocks?
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Job blocks are like LEGO blocks — you can choose and add different blocks to create your own, unique job posts. It’s an easy way to add rich media to an otherwise boring, plain-text job post.

Create meaningful and modern job posts that capture people's attention and keep them engaged. Every block that you add makes your job post richer, more engaging and more unique. No tech skills necessary. Read more about why and how to create beautiful job posts.

Adding Job Blocks

  1. Go to the Live Editor of your career page or job post

  2. Hover your mouse over the page. A plus + icon will appear

  3. Click the plus icon and choose your special building block

  4. Each building block is different, just follow the steps presented to you.

  5. Don’t forget to save your work!

We’ve created a ready-to-use list of all the job blocks you'll find in the Live Editor:

Do you want to hide the header and/or the footer?

The default blocks on the Career page are the header and footer. The default job blocks in your job posts are the header, footer, the about the job and the about the candidate text blocks, and the text block with an apply button. You can disable all of them (except for the text block with the apply button) in the Page styling menu on the right of the Live Editor. When enabled, show or hide specific elements in the block by clicking the Content icon in the Options menu of that block.

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