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How to build a unique career page or job post
How to build a unique career page or job post

With the use of 5 of our most popular job blocks

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Your career page and job posts are great places to show off your Employer Brand

Every company has their own unique Employer Brand, it’s nothing more than the sum of everything you do as an employer. Not sure what your employer brand is? Ask your employees what makes them tick. Their answers are the seeds of the stories you can tell on your career page and job posts. The more you show what it’s really like to work for your company, the bigger the chance the people who feel attracted to your brand, will apply. 

Once you know what to tell, we’ve made it easy for you to visualize your story without any technical knowledge required. Here’s how to create an engaging career page or job post with the use of our 5 most popular job blocks. 

What's a job block? Job blocks are part of our Live Editor and are pretty similar to Lego Blocks. It's up to you and your creativity what you decide to create with them. By mixing and matching job blocks you can easily build your own unique career page and job posts. 

1. Team

A great way to give potential candidates a look into what life at your office is like, is by highlighting your team. This gives candidates an idea of who they might work with day in, day out. There are many ways to introduce your team:

  • Vruchtvlees (see above) chose clean and stylish pics that match their work as creative agency

  • Blendle took playful and diverse team pictures to create a fun collection

Don't have profile photos of your team? Shoot us a message and we’d love to hook you up with one of our favorite portrait photographers! Also, don't be afraid to simply take some great pics with your phone.

2. Instagram

Instagram gives your career page a personal feel and is a great way to get behind the scenes and show what it's like to work at your company. Also, by connecting your Instagram account, your career page is automatically updated with your latest pictures and videos. You're also providing the candidate with another way to connect with you, and your (employer) brand, since you give them the chance to follow you if they like what they see.

You can use the Instagram job block in different ways:

  • Crisp let's their Instagram feed do all the talking

  • The people at Tiqets show what they do during and outside office hours

3. Press & Publications

Inspire candidates to learn more about your company by adding links to interesting articles about or by your company. These articles and blog posts can serve many goals:

  • Poki links you to their company website, blog and digital playground

  • Flatland Agency shows blog posts on their own website

4. Spotify

Another great way to give your career page a personal touch, is by highlighting some office jams. Is there a special playlist for Friday Drinks, or maybe for a Monday Morning? These seemingly small details can give candidates a sneak peek of what it's like to work in your office. This customer embraced their inner DJ and shared their playlists on their career page:

  • Packaly shares their office tunes

5. Perks

Of course, candidates want to work at a place where they can do the things they're good at, and do the things they love to do. But what makes going to work even better? Perks! These can be anything from a crazy, annual team trip to Ibiza, a fresh daily lunch, or weekly Friday drinks. Anything can be a perk, so try to be creative and think outside the box. Some things you take for granted are hidden perks that might convince candidates to apply at your company.

You can use different job blocks to highlight your perks:

  • Add them in a team job block with custom icons like we did

  • You can list them like Poki has done.

Not sure what your perks are? Ask your colleagues what they like most about working at your company and you're sure to find your perks real quick.

Next to these 5 job blocks, there are more job blocks that can help you create, and maintain a career page or job post that matches your employer brand. Take a look at this article in our Help Center for more information about job blocks, or send us a message if you have any questions.

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