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How do I generate an XML feed to share with VONQ?
How do I generate an XML feed to share with VONQ?

Generate an XML feed to share with Vonq to help set up campaigns to promote your jobs even faster.

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You can generate an XML feed holding all the info VONQ needs to help set up your campaigns easier, and faster. For more information about VONQ, check out their website, or their Help Center.

We've also created a dedicated XML feed to be used to share with Indeed, next to a general feed for other purposes.

Generating an XML feed for VONQ

  1. From anywhere in the tool, click Settings in the sidebar

  2. At the left, scroll down and click Integrations, displayed under Customize

  3. Scroll down a bit to "VONQ"

  4. Click the blue button, Copy feed link

That's it, you've copied the feed link which you can share with your contact at VONQ.

What is an XML feed?

An XML feed presents the data of all the jobs in your account as a structured dataset. This feed can be used by job boards or other tools to quickly read and add the correct data to their database. It mainly holds all the text and data related to a job (title, description, location, URL, etc)

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