Creating a new job post is a walk in the park. Our Live Editor makes it easy to create, design and publish your job post. You don't need any technical skills. Let’s go!

Creating a job post

  1. From the Homerun dashboard, click + Create new job

  2. Fill in a job title, job type, location and recruiting type (you can change these later if needed)

  3. Click Continue to go to Homerun’s Live Editor

  4. You'll notice some of the text in the job blocks is pre-filled to help you get started with your job post. Feel free to remove or update this text

  5. Every job post has 4 default job blocks: Header, About the job, About the candidate, and Footer. You can disable these blocks by switching the toggle at the right at "Page styling"

  6. You may notice a plus icon in between each block, this is where you can add a new job block. These blocks enable you to create a more authentic, personal and rich job post. Examples of job blocks are text, images, video’s, profile pictures of your colleagues, interesting links or an Instagram feed. Please note that the maximum upload size for images is 5MB

  7. Want to rearrange the job blocks? Hit the Settings icon in the options of the job block (at the right) and click Move

  8. Finished editing? Click Save in the top right corner

You can always edit your job post; just look up the job opening on your dashboard and click the Edit icon.

Publish a great looking job post in minutes.
Homerun job post templates are designed to catch the eye of talent.
Just customize to fit your role and publish. No code or design skills needed.

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