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Optimize your hiring process by using to-dos
Optimize your hiring process by using to-dos
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Whether you work with several people in Homerun or by yourself, to-dos are a great way to stay organized and keep an overview of who does what and when. In this article, we'll show you how you can optimize your hiring process by using to-dos.

What is a to-do?

A to-do is a task in Homerun that is assigned to yourself or to a team member. The to-do can be linked to a job, a candidate or as a standalone to-do that is not linked to anything. After you complete the to-do, you can mark it as completed. All completed to-dos are saved so you can always see your active to-dos and completed to-dos.

Setting up a to-do structure

To-dos help create structure in your hiring process by providing an overview and keeping responsibilities clear within the team.

When you're setting up to-dos, ask yourself these questions:

  • how small or large do you want to make the to-dos? You could create a to-do for every candidate or work with to-dos that bundle more candidates

  • who is responsible for managing and assigning to-dos? Does every team member create their own to-dos or does someone else assigns the to-dos or both?

When you work with more people on one job opening, it's better to have your team members create their to-dos themselves. Discuss together what tasks should be a to-do so that this will later provide you with more details on how you performed.

Keeping an overview

With all the different to-dos in place, you can keep an overview of which to-dos are completed and which are still active. Click on 'To-dos' in the left-hand sidebar to navigate to the to-dos page. From this page, you can either see to-dos assigned to you and All to-dos in your account (this also includes to-dos assigned to team members).

You can also view completed to-dos per job opening. This allows you to see and keep track of what you and your team members did.

Your to-dos

If you're mostly working in Homerun yourself, to-dos in Homerun are a great way to prioritize tasks. Whether you're managing candidates, creating new job posts, closing inactive job posts or making general changes in your account, to-dos help you keep an overview of what to do and when to do them.

Creating to-dos

You can create a to-do and connect it to a job opening, or a candidate or keep it as a standalone to-do. You can assign the to-do to yourself or to other team members. Read more about how to create to-dos.

We've briefly taken you through some of the options on how you use to-dos, but we're always curious to hear your feedback and suggestions. Just send us a message by clicking the blue chatbox in the lower right corner. We'd love to hear from you!

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