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Easily publish multiple job posts by creating a draft template
Easily publish multiple job posts by creating a draft template

Use draft jobs to create templates you and your team can use to easily publish multiple job posts

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Creating a template

  1. From anywhere in the tool, click + Create job in the sidebar

  2. For the job title, fill in "Template". You can leave the rest of the fields as is

  3. Click Continue to go to Homerun’s Live Editor

  4. Type or copy/paste any text you like about your company, or text that you'd like to have in every job post (maybe about the hiring process, your team, the office, perks etc)

  5. You may notice a plus icon in between each block, this is where you can add a new job block. These blocks enable you to create a more authentic, personal and rich job post. Examples of job blocks are text, images, video’s, profile pictures of your colleagues, interesting links or an Instagram feed. Please note that the maximum upload size for images is 5MB

  6. Finished creating your template? Click Save draft in the top right corner (make sure to not click Publish)

You can always edit your template; just go to Jobs in the sidebar and find the draft job. If you click on the job, you’ll be able to edit the job by clicking Job post in the upper menubar.

Using a template

When you're ready to create a new job it's time to use your template!

  1. From anywhere in the tool, click Jobs in the sidebar or find your Template directly at Your jobs just above

  2. Click on your Template and navigate to the three dots in the top right corner. Click Duplicate job

  3. Fill in a job title, job type, department, location and recruiting type (you can change these later if needed)

  4. Click Continue to go to Homerun’s Live Editor

  5. You're back in the Live Editor with all the text, images, and other content you've added before. You can simply add or change text and other content to customize the job you want to open

  6. Finished editing? Publish your job post right away by clicking the green Publish button at the top of the Editor.

Nice, that was easy right? You've just published a job using your self-made template!

Publish a great looking job post in minutes.
Homerun job post templates are designed to catch the eye of talent.
Just customize to fit your role and publish. No code or design skills needed.

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